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Most of us use Gmail for sending emails. We have important information stored in our Gmail account. So Gmail would be the target for hacker. Gmail developer team has developed wonderful security option by enabling the 2-step Verification. By enabling the 2-step verification in our  Gmail account makes our account more secure by making us to login into Gmail by 2 step. While logging in into the Gmail account, Gmail send us the security code on our registered  mobile phone and asks us to enter that code in Gmail login page. This makes sure that only the mobile phone carrier can able to know that code. So your account cannot be Hacked if someone tries to hack your account from somewhere else.

How to enable 2-step verification

1).Log in to your Gmail Account,
2).Click Account at the top right,
3).Click Edit on 2-step verification, 
4).Now Click Start Setup,
5).Select your country and add your mobile number, 
6).Select the method of verification, SMS option is by default and it is most recommended one 
7).Just click Send Code 
8).Now Google will send you Text in your mobile with Verification Code 
9).Then click Next, and Next Note this point after 2-step Verification  
10).Your Another Application and Connected account will not be working, you need to re-invoke that on Final 2-step Verification or do it later! 
11).If your Primary Moblie is lost then you cannot able to login to Gmail so set 
12).Backup Mobile Number Backup Verification Code is the another way to Recover your Account Please Download and Note that number and keep it safely somewhere it is accessible for you, like your Wallet. Each code can be used only once.
13).I recommend you to read everything and make a note of it. 

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